Monday, 28 July 2008

Monday 21st July - Offenburg to Frieburg im Brisgeau

More weird farmyard art

Today I reached the famous Frieburg im Brisgeau, apparently the sunniest town in Germany, and spent the evening at the first hostel so far on the trip. It was a nice little place and I'd forgotten how communal backpacker hostels could be having spent so much time being totally independent so far . I spent the evening with a couple of good humoured Ozzies called Will and Nick touring the heights of Frieburg, where we started drinking with a Mass, the famous 1 litre tankard of beer.
Amazingly, I managed to finish most of it, before going on to a cozy night in the park playing frisbee to a backdrop of unitelligible drunken shouting and applause from the local punk bums. Then as we cycled off for more drinking Will and I had a minor collision, which I have come to recognise as the now respected Fate's way of telling me to call it a night.
These little plaques are found all over the pavements in Frieburg outside the houses of former Jewish residents, commemorating their deportation and murder in Auschwitz.
Av. 18.3 kph, Max. 35.7 kph, Dist. 74.31 kms, Time 4.03.42

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Marco said...

Man, where are you? I see I'm not the only cycle-blogger very slow in updating :-)
Let me know if you're passing by Abruzzo, you could maybe stay at my parents.
All the best.