Monday, 14 July 2008

Monday 7th July - Oss to Maastricht

Today was really tough-going. We started out with a sense of impending doom about the 150 kms we had to cycle anyway and having only covered 60 kms in 3 1/2 hours we already felt like we should have done a whole days riding. From start to finish there was a vicious headwind, the sign-posting was invariably confusing and worst of all, injuries made themselves felt. I had stretched my left calf, which made cycling uncomfortable, but Iain was in full-blown agony whilst his Achilles tendons complained ceaselessly. At Boxmeer, we debated a little and threw in the towel, deciding to get the train the rest of the way to Maastricht. However, this was not without incident either, as we managed to do our usual trick of only just making it to the first train and missing the second altogether (my fault), so we saved our legs, but not the time! Still, that decision to take the train lightened the mood completely and, our masochistic tendencies quenched, we proceeded on at a more leisurely pace.

When we arrived we were hosted by the wonderful Dienne, an HC member who I hosted with her brothers last year back in London. Well, it was returned ten-fold. Dienne was a great host, on the final night taking us to this fantastic warehouse squat full of artists and a ceaselessly creative inventor-activist, designing technology to empower the poor to democracy ( On the roof was the most spectacular view of Maastricht, certainly one of my favourite European cities and I place I will certainly be visiting again. It was a great send off, for tomorrow we are due to leave Holland and make our way to Germany, my first visit ever.

Av. 19.7 kph, Max. 39,3 kph, Time 3.03.11, Dist. 60.04 kms

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