Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Satusday 12th July - Köln to Koblenz

So, after a few days of holing up in Köln, my bike frame problem is still no closer to being fixed and my legs were starting to turn back into their traditional jelly state. The ride went ok however, in that although the `Schedule`TM said that I should spend the night in Andernach, I ended up pushing on to Koblenz; a pretty and ancient town at the meeting point of the Rhine and Masel rivers. The name Koblenz is, I think, a Teutonic gutturalisation of the original Latin confluentes. On the `German Corner` (Deutsches Eck) at the meeting point of the two rivers is an impressive granite Herculaneum-styled monument which, after many years of deliberation, has had it`s original statuesque inhabitant (Kaiser Wilhelm) restored to the plinth. The place has classic ancient Rhineside make-up, with the kind of narrow cobbled streets and lean-to architecture that forms the fairytale image of Europe that Americans come to see.
Industry and agriculture; the Rhineside southwards from Köln
More importantly, yet more time has been spent on the phone today arranging with Briyton Bikes to send me out a frame. They dont have my original one in my size, so they`ve convinced the supplier to send me the next size up via their next working day European delivery service for (relative) peanuts. Hats off to George, Lincoln and Mogg at Brixton Bikes, they`ve done a great job of sorting me out, since invariably mechanics have told me that the rewelded frame will never make it across the alps. The new frame is being sent to my host in Heidelberg, so I`ll take a day there and find some friendly mechanics who can lend me some space in the workshop to rebuild...

The meeting of the Rhine and Masel rivers
Av. 19.6 kph, Max. 34.2 kph, Time 6.01.17, Dist. 117.75 kms

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